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Suncrest Volunteer Program

Volunteers are essential members of the patient’s hospice care team. Volunteers are trained to listen, care, and provide companionship for our patients during this important time in their lives. Through careful screening and orientation, our volunteers understand the hospice philosophy to provide as much comfort and quality of life to our patients as possible. They participate on the team with their one hour per week visits which may include reading to patients, doing crafts, taking them outside in their wheelchair, accompanying them to a meal, writing letters, and sometimes simply by sitting quietly next to a patient’s bed. All of our volunteers are trained to provide companionship, and some of them bring extra areas of skill with them, such as massage, music, and energy work. A volunteer may also choose to help out with administrative tasks in the office. <br><br>
It is our goal to provide a volunteer for every patient who would like companionship. We are always looking for passionate, caring people who would like to give of themselves in this capacity. All who are interested can contact the Suncrest Volunteer Coordinator in their area.<br>


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Suncrest is committed to maintaining a team comprised of the most talented and compassionate healthcare workers in the industry today. We believe that it is essential to work exclusively with professionals who are dedicated and motivated to exceed your expectations of care.