Suncrest is absolutely incredible to work for. I cannot overstate that enough. The work of a hospice is so difficult emotionally yet equally as rewarding. I’ve been a cna for a while now and as much as I loved what I did before. I can’t imagine doing anything else now. The staff are so welcoming. My first day on my own was intimidating to say the least but everyone made me feel comfortable and eased me into it. I’ve never worked with a group of people that were so dedicated to teamwork in my entire life. The genuine care they all have for each other is amazing.

Being allowed to help care for someone in their most trying moment is something I’ll never fully appreciate. The trust they put in us is just amazing. I’m so honored that I am able to care for these people and interact with the living families. I value this job more and more everyday, the lessons and values that I learn here will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you all so much for this opportunity. From ownership, management, to my fellow cnas. Thank you all.

To the families that we care for, I hope that I will always exceed what you expect from me, I am humbled and honored that you would allow me to help your family member. Thank you.

Andrew Griffin

At Suncrest, the mission statement isn’t something that is posted on a fancy plaque in some hallway that no one ever sees or hears. At Suncrest, the mission statement is a part of every employees daily life. Every employee goes above and beyond to fulfill that mission statement and every employee is made to feel like an integral part of the entire team. It is not just a job but a passion to carry the positive reinforcement, caring attitude and commitment to our patients and their families. Hospice is about celebrating each patient’s life, their achievements and goals. It’s about peace, understanding and comfort for families. As an individual team member, it is an honor to become a part of every patient’s care. There is great relief that I have a team of people who support and are included in that honor every single day. It is an honor that all of us take seriously and gladly.

Tammy Groendyk, RN
October 31, 2013

I could truly go on and on about how great Suncrest is because it’s true. It’s refreshing to be part of the Suncrest Hospice Team. Suncrest continues to raise the bar in patient care while exceeding community expectations. As an employee, it’s exciting to be part of a team that truly values each and every member. Suncrest lives up to every single word of our mission statement.

Michelle Kozimko, LPC, Social Services

I love the work that I do and have been blessed this the job that I have! In the community of Suncrest Hospice there is a culture that nurtures and promotes positive teamwork. I believe that the attitude and atmosphere of a workplace trickles down from the top. Suncrest owners and management work hard to foster and encourage the growth and development of this compassionate company . This is evident throughout the kind and caring staff that I work with daily. Everyone is willing to go that extra mile to do whatever is needed to provide excellent care to our patients and their families. It was not easy to gain employment at Suncrest as it took several times of applying to get my foot through the door. Now after one year I love my job and have been truly blessed by the work that we do.

Melony Congleton, Float LPN

Sometimes I stop at the store on my way home from work, still wearing my uniform, and the clerk will often see the word “hospice” written there, and remark upon, or sometimes ask, about how hard it must be to do this kind of work. They look into my eyes, expecting something, sadness maybe, pain, or weariness.

I look back into their eyes, and smile, then tell them with real feeling, that I believe hospice is about life! I say that the people I take care of, and their families, are very much alive. And that I concentrate every day on life, on joy, and on these human beings, who are not dead. Hospice isn’t really about death, it’s about living.

I go to work every day and smile, laugh, tease, touch people, give hugs, sometimes kisses, and I try to celebrate the life force and spirit that drives every one of us, whether we’re 9 or 90. All of us die, every one of us, so what really matters is how we live, and that we do live. And that we understand that to be human is to share the most profound common experiences we can with one another, and to try to find meaning and connection in them. Some of the most powerful moments in my life have come from being with people who are supposedly dying, and those who love them. It humbles me, seeing and feeling the love humans are capable of.

So if I can bring even a moment of kindness, warmth, respect, or yes, even laughter, to these people who may be in pain, who feel lonely, afraid, or often, embarrassed that life has brought them to this point, I feel so good inside. I feel joy. And joy is contagious!

People ask me how I can work in hospice and I smile at them and say “how could I not?”

Darcie Curley

The Suncrest staff, especially RN Noel Peck (whom I have come to rely on for straight forward assessments and recommendations), has been nothing less than wonderful during this final journey for my mother. The entire staff has been the ultimate in caring, professionalism, and in constant monitoring of her comfort and well-being, as well as adjustments in her medications as necessary (or not!). And the enormous amount of time they have spent with her is amazing. But best of all they know how to bring a smile and often a laugh from my mom at times when I wasn’t sure I would ever see it again. Thanks so much for ALL you do!

Leslie Hanna

What I love about working with Suncrest is that they are very supportive. They compliment a lot and they’re very motivational. They always keep us on our feet, keep us going, always have lots of information to give us about driving in the weather, anything that comes up. They always have answers for you. They’re constantly complimenting. They really make you feel great as a worker and great as an employee as a partner. Company communication is the best part, everybody on the team is very supportive and they are all team workers. I believe we have that one special person from every facility around the metro area to form one great big team in that is Suncrest.

Valentina Atencio, CNA
April 15, 2015

I was introduced to the gift of hospice long before I ever started working in the hospice field. Sadly, both my grandmother and my mother-in-law were diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer around the same time in 2009 and both eventually made the choice to seek hospice care. My mother-in-law was in her 50’s and did not relish the idea of spending the last weeks of her life in a hospital. Hospice allowed her the dignity and grace of surrounding herself with close family in the comfort of her own home, as well as affording her easy access to her favorite things – her garden, her horses, even her favorite TV shows. Similarly with my grandmother’s aggressive illness, she did not feel compelled to surround herself with the cold, white walls of a hospital room during her final days. I distinctly remember being at home with her on one of those days and her turning to my grandfather and saying, “Thank you for an amazing life.” I could see that sharing those final moments in the home that she had shared with him for so many years was such a blessing to both of them. Facing the reality of a terminal illness is a heartbreaking experience no matter what the circumstances, but good hospice care can make it more liberating and dignified.

Sean O' Malley

Before I got hired on to work with Suncrest hospice I was working in an assisted living facility. When I was working there I had a great comfort knowing that the team of Suncrest was there to help with the residents. As an outsider looking in, I was pleased to know that they took great pride in making sure the residents were comfortable and had everything they needed. The entries team also made sure that the families and the facility were supported through the entire dying experience. As I now get the privilege to be a part of Suncrest I am realizing the depths of compassion that everyone has for our patients, families and referring sources. I feel very blessed to be working with Suncrest because they have truly changed my perception of life and death. They have helped me grow in my career as well as my character. They have also help me realized that being with the patients at the end of life is a beautiful experience to be apart of. I look forward to many more years with Suncrest that I now call my family.

Monica Russo
October 31, 2013

I recently lost a dear patient that I have taken care of since last July. It brought home what a special place we have in people’s lives as they near the end of theirs. What an honor to be chosen to walk along them as their journey progresses. What a honor it is for me, to be part of their lives. What an honor it is to be able to share how best to care and meet my patient and their loved ones needs. I work with a great team of people. It is so incredible to watch our chaplains provide life review and bring peace to our patients. It is awesome to watch our social workers rise quickly to meet a need. The CNA’s are talented as they provide the most intimate cares with compassion and integrity. The teamwork within Suncrest is astounding. The communication and support from management is unequaled to most companies. I love that our CEO knows our names, or in my case… recognizes my laugh! I do feel very proud to be working as a RNCM with Suncrest Hospice over the last year, and I look forward to many more.

Karen Brandson BSN RNCM
April 15, 2015


Suncrest is committed to maintaining a team comprised of the most talented and compassionate healthcare workers in the industry today. We believe that it is essential to work exclusively with professionals who are dedicated and motivated to exceed your expectations of care.